Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's Plays or Video Reviews

So I've been thinking of ideas for more gaming related content on my site. I've been running two ideas so far, a let's play or a video review.

If you're unfamiliar with a let's play, basically, it's a series of videos a person playing a video game while giving commentary. Go to YouTube and type in "let's play" in the search and you'll get an idea what it will be like.

Reviews are also something I've considered for games that I have in stock for sale. I've thought though, if I'm going to do a review and need footage, why don't I just let's play the game?

I could probably do a video review much quicker and easier than a let's play. A let's play requires constant updating which I might not have the time for. I could generate a lot of videos on the weekend and then upload a video each day during the week but my time is somewhat limited during the weekend for that.

If you have a suggestion, email me or leave a comment. You can also check out my twitter and send me a suggestion there. Thanks!

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