Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Flea Market Finds

Well the flea market came and went today. Found a few things but not a lot. Enjoy!

My girlfriend and I arrived at the fairgrounds around 8:45AM. Little early, nice. The admission guard directed us to the side parking lot where there were only handicap parking. We sat and realized this parking lot was too small. More people began to arrive and started to form a line, blocking others. Great, this is going to be a headache I thought. At 9, they opened the main gates and the line of cars began pulling into the fairgrounds. Damn. After the line went, I was able to pull into the main gates.

Some of the vendors were still setting up shop but most were ready. It was about 35 outside, nice and cold. We started going down the line of vendors outside and quickly gazed at the offerings. VHS, baby stuff, old tools, more VHS, hats, books. Outside was a bust in 5 minutes. Not looking that great.

We went inside the first of three buildings. Sweet, sweet heat. I started scanning each booth. Jewelry, hand made stuff and more tools. I stopped at one booth and saw 3 video games sitting there! Sports, damn, sports, damn again and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for a good price! Score! I checked the case and CD and found nothing but wear and tear. I had to silently put it down, knowing some poor kid would buy a CD that would probably not work.

Moving on to the next building, I began my Speedy Gonzales look around. I walked inside someones booth and spotted:

A small find but a complete in box is always a nice grab. I also bought an NES controller but, sadly, the buttons do not respond.

Off to the next building and my girlfriend quickly spotted a vendor with consoles sitting out. NES, SNES, N64 and a PS1 all sitting there for the taking. Well, when they are quite overpriced, you'll always pass. Saddened, I asked if they had any games, to which he said they did! They had a very small collection of mainly PS2 games and PS1 but I did manage to grab:

I was happy with that one. Looking through the rest of the building I was able to find more games offered but all were sports games, or very high priced sports games. Sorry, I'll pass.

We visited another thrift store after and I made a mad dash towards the CD/game section. Struck out again! I walked down towards the electronic section, hoping to find something misplaced.

Oh, hello! A complete in box Sega CD game (also came with a newspaper for the game) and a boxed Sega game. Gotta love misplaced stuff!

I have added many, if not all, on my Ecrater store. Hopefully my Ebay wins will arrive next week and I can share more with you!

List of finds:
1x CIB RBI Baseball 3 (NES)
1x Tiny Toon Adventures (NES)
1x Pokemon Stadium (N64)
1x Sherlock Holmes Vol II CIB (Sega CD)
1x Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (Sega Genesis)


  1. Nice finds! I love Tiny Toons! Good finds!

  2. I was happy overall considering the size of the flea market I attended. I do love Tiny Toons. I got the SNES version from my Ebay wins. I should have pics up today

  3. AWesome!! can't wait to see awesome retro gaming stuff! Be sure to find out where the good stuff is at the flea market, you will keep hitting gold if you do!