Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 3 Reasons To Own a Business

As I'm sitting here waiting for the weekend to come and I can begin my hunt for items to sell, I wanted to convey my reasons for wanting to own my own business. It's a short list but who doesn't love lists? Enjoy!

1) The freedom to make decisions: When you make your own decisions the consequences are very real. If I decide to slack at a normal job, it will probably not make much of an impact in the long run. Everyone slacks at work. When you are trying to get a business off the ground with your investment time being on the weekends, slacking off can have a huge impact. This has always been my failure in the past. I slacked off. So wait, why am I saying the freedom to make decisions is a top reason to own a business then? If you desire freedom then the costs of it must be very clear to you.

2) Economic Movement: Those are just some fancy words for the opportunity for your income to increase at any moment. Work a normal job? If you're lucky in this economy you will get a raise once a year. Own a business? Your income can increase daily! Of course it can also fall daily as well. That's something anyone who has started a business can understand. Will there be money to feed myself, my family, or pay the rent?

3) Personal Achievement: Who doesn't want to have the satisfaction of knowing that they have created something that others want? Someone who creates paintings is no different than someone who opens a business. They both want to create satisfaction for the end person. What that satisfaction is different for the artistic person and the business person, no question.  

As with anything in life, owning a business will have some major responsibilities and repercussions. The biggest thing is unintended consequences. What if my drive to own my own successful business causes problems in ways I don't know about? Hopefully, any problems that do arise I can solve. Here is how I feel right now:

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